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September 8, 2023
Sheila Pun

Mastering The Art Of Influencer Selection

Globally there are an estimated 50 million content creators. 50 million! As more creators are popping up, more brands are jumping on board. But social marketing is more than simply paying an influencer to boost social media channels. If you want to drive better outcomes and maximise returns, you need to keep scrolling and find the ‘right’ influencer. The one who best aligns with your brand values.

Brands are increasing their influencer marketing spend. 

According to Kantar’s Media Reactions study, influencer content was the preferred online channel for consumer advertising last year. It’s predicted to rise with close to 60% of global marketers planning to increase spend on influencer marketing in 2023, placing the channel fourth overall for increased investment this year.

In Australia that number is even higher. As local influencers attract more consumer attention, 70% of marketers have reported using influencer marketing as part of their media mix.

Although it’s a marketing channel that’s yet to be standardised, there’s no denying that influencers are changing the game. Kantar’s study analysed almost 9,000 global ads last year. From their findings influencer creative executions ranked in the top third for delivering new information with credibility, with many consumers finding the content relevant to them.

The value of an influencer is more than their follower count.

The growth of influencer marketing has allowed brands to test and run one-off activations. However, to reap long-term benefits, marketers need to take the time to research, locate and work with influencers who strongly align with their values and goals.

In Australia, 6 million people consider themselves content creators and 19% of these creators define themselves as influencers. With a plethora of talent to choose from, how do you know that you’ve found the ‘right’ one?

According to a WARC research article, brands can boost their influencer marketing engagement by 16.6% when they partner with an influencer who has a large follower account, posts frequently, and creates authentic, original content with a positive tone of voice.

However, I’ve also found these additional guidelines helpful:

Reach: not only follower count but also audience quality
Relevance: audience interests and demographics
Resonance: influencer content engagement and sentiment of fan responses

Use influencers as part of your media mix. 

While we’re still unpacking the opportunities that influencer marketing will create, it’s worth keeping both feet on the ground. Using influencers is best used to complement, not replace your other marketing channels.

Although the channel still lacks clear measurement of its activity and impact – given the multiplicity of influencers and lack of standardisation, brands should not shun away from partnering with them. When you bring influencers in as part of your overall media buy, the right influencer can drive positive campaign results.


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