Built to Influence

We are a tech-driven media, CX & advertising agency, focused on creating personalised connections between people and brands. A process we call Considered Purchase™.

Syncing a unique blend of market leading & proprietary data platforms, our in-house tech & analytics team work alongside strategists to unearth actionable insights into how people behave. Fuelled with understanding, we build innovative, creative solutions to ultimately generate brand affinity.

An agile agency with broad global reach, we offer a wealth of collective experience across all categories and media. And as an independent, we’re our own boss, which means we're free to pursue anything we dream of. We’re humble enough to listen and brave enough to tell the truth.

We’re problem solvers and pride ourselves on unique, out of the box creative solutions. Entrepreneurial and innovative, we’re excited by technology and new possibilities. In a world where communication is always changing, we are architects of influence, shaping the pathway to your brand.

We Are Affinity