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Big results, small spend: Discover how Hahn garnered millions of views with no media spend


The Australian summer is the most important time of the year for beer brands, generating a whopping 40% of yearly sales.  

Hahn, Australia’s low carb beer pioneer, needed to make the summer of 2023 a heaps good one. To address this, they introduced the Hahn Beerlay in partnership with Strava. The national competition encouraged Australians to play their part in the largest virtual group marathon ever. Participants were encouraged to run a number of kilometres over the month, and together contribute to the overall goal of 15,000 kilometres. 


The big question for us was: how do we get the maximum amount of people possible participating on a relatively small budget? 

Our audience weren’t following hardcore training influencers. The fastest-growing podcasts and media with our target market were approachable, funny personalities like ‘We Mean Well’, who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Our influencer led strategy was a mix of macro, mid-tier and micro followers. Our lead influencer being Jarchy, a podcaster known as much for his party stories as his attempts at fitness. Our other influencers ranged from AFL player Pat Lipinski to TV star Duncan James to appeal to a broad demographic, generate buzz, and encourage participation. 

And then we came up with a content idea that would speak to our social athlete’s “balanced” lifestyle; running before sharing a Hahn with mates. In our hero content, Jarchy signed up for the Beerlay before running ….to drop off beers at his mate’s places.  

The Results

  • Millions of views of our creator content with no media spend 
  • Thousands of sign-ups globally and in Australia, 3.7x our goal 
  • A huge increase in sales at BWS and Dan Murphy’s compared to same period last year. 

 As a result, it smashed sales targets and ensured that Hahn was a brand that owned summer.  


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LION - Hahn

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Big results, small spend: Discover how Hahn garnered millions of views with no media spend

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