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AFFINITY Blog Posts Mumbrella Awards

After taking an 18 month break from the local awards circuit, we threw our hat in the ring with the prestigious Mumbrella Awards and are thrilled to say we’ve been chosen as finalists as Specialist Agency of the Year.

We respect these awards especially as they’re one of the more rigorous competitions, with a jury involving only clients who you must impress in person. It’s hard to understand how such an eclectic range of agency offerings could be fairly judged as the best of the best with only an online submission (which is the case for some of the other comps.).

After being named Australia’s most effective Digital/Specialist Agency by WARC100 for the third year running (2017-2019), we felt it was time to ramp up our local presence again.

It’s always nerve-wracking to put yourself up for these things and hope you stand apart from some auspicious company. But we’re thrilled to get this nod – it’s so deserved by our bloody awesome team who come in daily and bust their brains to deliver amazing results for our clients.

Looking forward to the next round!

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